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    Youth Swimming


    Stroke Mechanic Lessons & More Spring, Conroe & The Woodlands

    In addition to swimming, each session provides an emphasis on teaching respect for authority, others and self; challenging students to broaden their knowledge and understanding; instilling self-discipline by adhering to practice and team rules; and stressing the importance of good sportsmanship.

    Private: 15-Minute lesson 1:1

    These lessons are for the maintenance and advancement of aquatic skills.

    Youth Learn to Swim 1:1 (5 and Older)

    Private: 15-Minute lesson

    These private lessons are designed for students 5 years and older who do not know how to swim independently. Two lessons per week or more are recommended.

    Groups: Otters and Penguins – 30-Minute lessons 4:1

    After completing Basic Training, these lessons encourage social skills while providing the maintenance and advancement of aquatic skills. These classes are designed to introduce the fundamentals of strokes and to continue to develop the strength and confidence of the swimmer. Group lessons can be attended 1, 2 or 3 times per week

    Class: Aquatic Foundations – Dolphin I & II – 30-Minute lessons 6:1

    Daily practices Monday-Thursday
    Participant is encouraged to attend as many practices as possible
    2-Day and 4-Day options available

    This is a year round program designed to introduce fundamental aquatic skills. Students are taught and expected to execute basic stroke components: floats, glides, breath control, flutter kicking, body position, sculling, rhythm and coordination. Mastering skills allows students to become comfortable in the water, increases confidence, and teaches them how to manipulate the water efficiently.