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    Adult Swimming

    Adult Swimming Programs

    Adult Learn to Swim & Masters Class The Woodlands, Spring & Conroe

    In addition to swimming, each session provides an emphasis on teaching respect for authority, others and self; challenging students to broaden their knowledge and understanding; instilling self-discipline by adhering to practice and team rules; and stressing the importance of good sportsmanship.

    Private: Learn to Swim – 30-Minute lesson 1:1

    These lessons are for the maintenance and advancement of aquatic skills.

    Class: Masters Swimming – 60-minute

    Daily practice M-F

    The Masters Swimming program provides the opportunity to refine swimming skills, elevate fitness levels and improve swimming performance. Fun and challenging workouts are based on an individual’s goals and ability. Practices are conducted with an on-deck coach who provides instruction and feedback. Participation in monthly challenges or events helps keep the workouts focused and fun and provides ongoing motivation for the participants. Masters swimming is for former or current competitive swimmers, triathletes, cross training, or individuals looking to improve their general fitness with a low impact exercise routine.