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    Special Needs Program

    Special Needs

    Conroe, The Woodlands & Spring Special Needs Swim Lessons

    Special Needs Water Safety & Survival Skills

    At The Pod, we believe that every child should have the chance to benefit from water safety and survival skills in a safe and comfortable environment. Traditional swim instructors often are not trained to work with students with physical or special learning requirements and may not understand how to effectively teach them. Our Special Needs program, taught by highly-trained professionals, is designed to teach life-saving skills to children of all ages and abilities, including those on the autism spectrum, helping them become comfortable with water in a safe and beneficial way.

    The Pod is proud to offer a Special Needs program that is tailored to the individual physical and learning needs and abilities of each student to meet specific challenges. With consistency, patience and compassion, we believe every student can learn these valuable swimming skills, building confidence in the water one lesson at a time.

    Our instructors have also been trained by experts who specialize in autism swim instruction, ensuring we can properly and effectively communicate with students on the autism spectrum. We are dedicated to creating a calm, patient and reassuring atmosphere suited to a student’s individual needs and abilities.