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    Learn to Swim

    Groups: Learn to Swim – 45-minute lessons 6:1

    Two lessons per week – $150 / month

    These groups are designed for the adult who never learned to swim. Participants that are apprehensive of the water or deep end, but ready to overcome these fears, learn the basic aquatic fundamentals: to be at ease in the water and prepare to advance to the next level – swimming. These lessons are especially good for parents who need to keep their swimming children safe and want to enjoy the water with them.

    Private: $50 / 30-Minute lesson 1:1

    Purchase minimum – $200

    These lessons are for the maintenance and advancement of aquatic skills.


    Class: Masters Swimming – 60-minute

    Daily practice M-F – $50 / month

    10 practice punch card – $75

    The Masters Swimming program provides the opportunity to refine swimming skills, elevate fitness levels and improve swimming performance. Fun and challenging workouts are based on an individual’s goals and ability. Practices are conducted with an on-deck coach who provides instruction and feedback. Participation in monthly challenges or events helps keep the workouts focused and fun and provides ongoing motivation for the participants. Masters swimming is for former or current competitive swimmers, triathletes, cross training, or individuals looking to improve their general fitness with a low impact exercise routine.

    Water Aerobics

    Water Aerobics: $50 / month

    10 practice punch card – $75

    These lessons are conducted in both the warm 12 yard – 4 foot deep pool and our 25 yard pool with 4 foot and 7.5 foot depth options. These classes emphasize low-impact strengthening and movement using water resistance.

    Private Personal Training: $50 / 30-minute lesson 1:1

    Purchase minimum – $200

    These private lessons are tailored to an individual’s needs and can be used to complement any program. Training and preparation of customized workouts using the new, state-of-the-art Aquatrend Water Workout Stations are available. This offers a low-impact exercise option that can be used alone or in combination with swimming and land exercises to meet all levels of workout needs.

    Lane Rentals

    One-hour ½-Lane Rental: $12.50

    Recurring weekly reservations for one-hour 1/2-lane rentals for qualified swimmers are available during times that the lanes are not needed for lessons or team practices. Whole lanes are also available for rent to private groups, with or without instruction.

    Half-hour Aquatrend Water Workout Station Rental: $15.00

    The Aquatrend Water Workout Station takes advantage of the healthy properties of the aquatic environment. This allows effective performance of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises – all while the buoyancy of the water protects joints. Once a participant is trained to use the equipment in Personal Training Sessions, unsupervised workout time may be reserved. Half-hour weekly recurring reservations are available.