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    Infant Aquatics

    Infant Aquatics – Basic Training: $25 / 10-minute lesson 1:1 (3-5 days per week required)

    (6 months – 4 years)

    Initial Purchase – 16 lessons – $400

    Renewal – 8 lessons – $200

    Average completion: 24 Lessons

    These lessons are the initial training in water survival. Children aged 6 to 15 months learn to jump into the water and then roll onto their backs to breathe and float, while waiting for help. Students over 15 months and developmentally ready, continue with lessons to learn to roll back over and kick to safety. On average a child will complete the program in approximately 24 lessons depending on his development, temperament, and comfort level in the water. Fearful students and those with learning differences or separation anxiety may take longer whereas students with positive previous aquatic experience may take less. The child completes the program when he can “fall” into the water, fully dressed, and maintain a float. A student over the age of 15 months will also roll back onto his belly and kick to safety.

    Private: $25 / 15-minute lesson 1:1

    Purchase minimum – 8 lessons – $200

    These lessons are for the maintenance and advancement of aquatic skills.